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About Us
Rob Derrick


Rob Derrick is a two-time Emmy Award-winning supervising sound editor that specializes in audio post-production for film and television. He has been passionate about storytelling through aural experiences for most of his life and has worked professionally as an audio editor and recording mixer for over a decade now. Having spent thousands of hours behind a console, in-the-box, and mixing in surround sound; Rob is tremendously proficient with audio hardware and software.

After years of freelance contract work, Rob began teaching post-production techniques at a music production school, ACM@UCO. Additionally, Rob is an Avid Pro Tools Expert Certified Instructor and is also Dolby Atmos Certified. His passion for audio technology is contagious and he loves nothing more than to incite this same passion for the world of audio work in his friends, clients, and students alike.

Andy Hopkins


Oklahoma born Andy Hopkins is an audio engineer, sound designer and co-owner at OKSG. Starting his career as an aspiring musician, Andy learned the art of modern recording and audio processing techniques cutting his teeth in the studio. After being introduced to the budding film industry in Oklahoma, Andy quickly discovered his love and passion for cinematic sound design. By studying the great sound designers of the modern era, Andy has been able to utilize his creative sensibilities to great effect. Leveraging both organic audio recordings as well as synthesized elements, Andy uses his skillset to conjure the perfect immersive atmosphere, creating a custom library of sounds that are one of kind and unique to each project.

The Purple Room

"Rob is the kind of collaborator who all directors dream of finding. He is a true artist, and his command of his medium is not merely technical but deeply artistic. He absorbed the emotional and cultural nuances of my story and layered them deep into the sound design of Iké Boys. For Rob, craft and storytelling run hand in hand: sound is not just a mechanical task but an integral aspect of the cinematic experience. I’ll be going back to him for a long time to come."
Eric McEver
Director of Iké Boys