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Audio Post - Services

Whether it’s a single edit or a full post-production distribution package, we can handle your audio needs. We quote projects based on the total number of projected working hours. We understand that projects have a wide range of budgets and ultimately we try to be as flexible and honest as possible. 


Don’t hesitate to contact us for custom quotes!

  • Dialog Editing & Restoration

  • ADR Editing & Mixing

  • Sound Effect Editing

    • Hard Effects

    • Foley

    • M&E Creation

  • Sound Design

  • Re-recording Mixer

    • 2.0

    • 5.1

    • 7.1

    • Atmos

Atmos Music Mixing Services

Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio are taking both the film sound and music industries by storm and OKSG knows how to get your tracks in the ears of the Spatial Audio enthusiasts. We offer a range of Atmos mixing services, but feel free to contact us with any questions.

Let’s mix your music project in Dolby Atmos! With Atmos and Spatial Audio being the current industry buzzwords, we can prep your tracks to get them on those “Spatial Audio” playlists that are so starved for content at the moment.

This option requires you to provide stereo master “stems” of your track with instruments grouped together into similar categories (drums, bass, guitars, keys, lead Vox, backing Vox, strings, etc..) Having these stems allows for a more immersive Atmos experience while still remaining true to the original stereo master. We recommend preparing between 16-24 stems per track, exceeding 32 stems will move you up a package tier.

This option would be for “native” Dolby Atmos mixes, tracks mixed originally for the Atmos format. This requires a Pro Tools stereo “rough” mix session of all isolated tracks that will then be mixed for Dolby Atmos from the start. This option will provide the highest level of Atmos Mixing/Spatial Audio immersion, and would also require the highest level of collaboration with the client.